Last week, my rhetoric professor asked our class to define the typical Baylor student. Most students responded with answers that included words like “rich,” “white” and “Baptist.”
While I believe most could agree to these definitions of the typical Baylor student, I kept thinking that I, a regular freshman girl, didn’t even fit that stereotype made out of three simple words. Read more…


Baylor Lariat Newspaper: Below are articles written for the Baylor Lariat
Newspaper Jan. 2013 – May 2013.

Alumni     Baylor Grads to be honored at Alumni BanquetRegents Get New Members, Alumni Honored in Hall of FameMcLane Honored for Support of Texas Higher EducationStudent, App: Plants can text, Allbritton Exhibit opens window to Baylor’s past, BAA to give $1 million to students, Angels invest to boost student entrepreneursSurvey says Alumni still love good ol’ Baylor

Student     The Hunt for New Student Regent BeginsThe Student Government Programming Agency Accepts ApplicationsPhi Iota Alpha Fraternity to address Latino Stereotypes in Public Forum, Baylor family extends beyond just its graduates, Entrepreneurship Takes Center Stage at Baylor, BU Grad studies neurology abroad as Fulbright Scholar, Passport payoffs in students’ future, New Regents Named, Brief: Shocking finish to Sing results in tie, Baylor no stranger to gun debate, Sing Results shock with first-place tieFreshman dies practicing flips for organization event, Baylor to DC this summer to gain political perspective, ’39 Steps’ promises to delight with murder mystery, Music, an instrument of faith for students, alumnus, Project Greenway winners make green the new black, Steppin’ Out sign-up open through Friday

Community     ‘Bigs’ serve Waco youth, Bomb threat evacuates 700 at A&M’S Kyle Field, Cameras set up in cemetery after vandalism, Cattle statues more than decor, tells historical storyNightclub to feature popular country band, hopes to have full house

Editorial     Rich, white and Baptist doesn’t describe allViewpoint: Be unselfish celebrate love, not’love’ on Valentine’s Day, Viewpoint: Independents have clear view of party lines

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