Hey Murderinos! This is what I taught you and if you need help, here are people doing it the exact same way I showed you so you don’t get confused. Once you feel like you’re ready to learn some cool patterns with the knit and purl stitch check out my other post showing you how to knit pretty 🙂

Casting on:


Knit Stitch:

Remember to make a cross with your spare needle going into that first stitch and hold your yarn tight in your left hand like she does below. It’s really all about practice and you’ll soon find how to go faster and do it the way it feels comfortable for you.


Purl Stitch:

This is the opposite of the knit stitch, you are taking the spare needle and working it in front of the working need (the needle that has all the stitches on it). Below, she does it the same way I do. Again, practice makes perfect.


Bind Off/ Cast Off

This is how I usually cast off. I did not show ya’ll this the first time put this is the proper way to cast off. It’s very easy! Again practice makes perfect!

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