Two Baylor SOE Faculty Members Selected for ATE Fellows Program


Two Baylor School of Education (SOE) faculty members — Dr. Leanne Howell, Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
 of Curriculum & Instruction, and Dr. Barbara Purdum-Cassidy, Clinical Assistant Professor in Curriculum & Instruction — are preparing for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Clinical Fellows Symposium that begins on Saturday, Feb. 14, in Phoenix, Arizona. This symposium will allow the duo to meet like-minded clinical practitioners in various schools and colleges of education around the nation.

Being chosen as ATE Clinical Fellows is quite an honor, since only 40 educators are selected nationwide, and this year Baylor SOE has two representatives.

“It’s an honor to have the privilege of collaborating at a symposium designed especially for clinical practitioners,” Howell stated.

Based in Washington, DC, the Association of Teacher Educators chooses Clinical Fellows based on outstanding applications. Both Howell and Cassidy applied last summer and received notification of their selection in October.

As an added bonus, each Clinical Fellow is allowed to bring a Clinical Practice Partner. Howell choose Mr. Jay Fischer, Principal of Spring Valley Elementary School in Midway ISD, a SOE PDS where Howell serves as a University Liaison. Cassidy choose Dr. Brett Merritt, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction at Midway ISD, one of the SOE’s partner school districts.
In describing the Fellows program, the ATE website says, “We bring together teacher educators passionate about the provision of clinically rich teacher education programs from across the country.”

The Fellows symposium, part of the larger ATE annual conference, is divided up into three segments, each building on top of the other. The first segment is introductions where Clinical Fellows will get to meet and mingle with nationwide educators. Segments two and three cover the foundation of clinically rich teacher education and then, future prospects for applying clinical practice to plans of action.

“It’s exciting to have the opportunity to visit with others across the nation who do similar things that we do to prepare pre-service teachers,” Howell offered.

Cassidy said, “I feel I can collaborate in a think-tank with others who work with schools of education.” Cassidy and Howell both are interested in helping teacher candidates think critically by applying theory to practice in real-world settings.

Howell and Cassidy are expecting an incredibly dynamic symposium. They want to see what other universities are doing to enhance their field experience with teacher candidates.

Both will be Clinical Fellows for one year, which allows them to attend other conferences and clinics held by ATE.



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