How To Make Yoga Shirts

shirt 8

This is a tutorial on how to take regular t-shirts and make them into what I like to call yoga shirts! 🙂

All you need is a t-shirt and scissors!

shirt 2

Cut off the bottom seam, the seams of the sleeves, and about one inch inwards to makes the ‘straps’ smaller, then cut off the top collar seam.

shirt 1

To make the front neckline lower cut off another inch and a half of the neckline.

shirt 3

Next, flip the shirt so you are cutting the back. Make sure to make the back straps small and cut the middle of the back in a “V” shape.

shirt 4

With extra fabric from a sleeve, cut it all into one long strip by pretending the fabric is a swirl. Just keep cutting.

shirt 5

shirt 6

Next, tie the now string fabric in a knot around the straps in the back. Now, make the ‘four’ loop that is used in making friendship bracelets.

shirt 7

Tie off the end and cut any long strips unless you want to make a bow in the back like I did. The shirt should look like this.

shirt 8

If you need to make the underarms looser to have more room for your arms then cut about two inches of fabric off in the underarms.

shirt 9

And this is what the shirt will look like from the front and back.

shirt 10

shirt 11

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