How To Bleach Jeans

First off you’ll need to find a space to bleach. You don’t want to get it on anything like carpets, towels that matter, or clothes that you care about.


Next you need the materials:
– less that 1/4 cup of bleach
– jeans or shorts dark enough and not already bleached
– cardboard or something to put in between the jeans
– a small cup or bottle to pour/drip the bleach with
– if you want, a pencil’s eraser


Put the cardboard or whatever you are using under the jeans and pour the desired amount of bleach in the bottle or cup. DO NOT TOUCH BLEACH. Its best to not touch it unless you are using your fingers to spread it around.


Don’t pour it all on one area because that would look awkward, just swirl it around when you pour it.


Next, I put small dots and even smaller swirls using the eraser by dipping it into the bleach and slightly pouring it out. To make the dots bigger and lighter, press harder with the eraser bottom.



Do the same to the back of the jeans with a big pattern, adding small dots and small swirls. (Doesn’t the pocket on the right look like a giant 2?)


Now, flip it back over to the front, you can see the bleach taking form in the jeans. Take a look at both sides of the jeans.



Now, final step – rinse in cold water and leave to dry – you can then see what it really looks like – its awesome. Check it out.


The 2 doesn't look so obvious now
The 2 doesn’t look so obvious now

Remember to put back the bathroom or wherever the crazy hippie-ish stuff took place.

With love and the smell of bleach,


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