Brief: Shocking finish to Sing results in tie

Sing results are in and there has been a surprising shock, a tie for first place was announced between Kappa Sigma in United We Stand and Kappa Omega Tau in The Ghosts’ Call.

Once the call was made that there would be a tie in first place, all groups started huddling together in anticipation to receive the chance to be one of the two first place winners.

When Kappa Sigma and Kappa Omega Tau were called in for the tie, there was a burst of screams from both men’s groups and the audience.

Stephan Harrison, Sing Chair for Kappa Sigma said, “It feels incredible. We put a lot of hard work into this. But I’m a little shocked at the results because it’s usually first, second and third but this year there was a tie.”

The men immediately got into celebration mode when lifting their trophy high in the air, clapping, cheering and settling in line to take pictures.

“We are very honored,” Drew Carini, Sing Chair for Kappa Omega Tau said, “It’s awesome! We worked as hard as we could.”

But, as in any intense competition, not all groups could place in the top eight.

Out of the eighteen groups that did not place in the top eight, many started tearing up, praying, or exiting quickly.

When talking to some of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sing Chairs, the girls started tearing up and couldn’t speak.

Libby West, Sing Chair for Kappa Alpha Theta said, “We’re really proud of our chapter and the act we performed.”

The eight groups that will be moving on to Pigskin are Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Tau Omega, Sing Alliance, Kappa Omega Tau, Phi Kappa Chi, Chi Omega/Phi Gamma Delta, Pi Beta Phi and Kappa Sigma.

Taken by Matt Hellman
Taken by Matt Hellman


Originally posted and published in The Baylor Lariat

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