Phi Iota Alpha fraternity to address Latino stereotypes in public forum


Phi Iota Alpha, the Latin American fraternity at Baylor, is hosting a Latino forum “An Educated Latino’s Journey,” tonight at 7:30 p.m. in 103 Cashion Academic Center.

This forum will discuss many issues that have been circulating the Baylor campus such as possible faculty discrimination on campus, Latino stereotypes and awareness of minorities on campus.

Houston senior Francisco Solorzano is a member of Phi Iota Alpha who is assisting his fraternity in the forum. “We will be diving into the de-humanizing of our people,” Solorzano said.

During Rush Week the fraternity showed the film “A Better Life,” which recounts the journey of a Hispanic gardener who wants his son to have everything he couldn’t have.

“A lot of what happens in the movie happens at Baylor,” Solorzano said.

Race relations at universities across the nation have recieved much coverage recently after a sorority at Penn State posted racist photos on Facebook in December.

After the Pennsylvania State University/ Baylor University controversy over racist Mexican photos and this recent viewing of “A Better Life,” Solorzano said this forum is much needed.

“We will be educating as well as tackling Latino stereotypes,” Solorzano said. The forum will include maintenance staff and landscaping staff from Baylor’s faculty. They will discuss their experiences as a minority on campus.

“We hope this will spark more conversation between students and faculty and address these issues that are kept in the dark,” he said.


Originally posted and published in The Baylor Lariat

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