Two years ago I was lost.

My mom had been diagnosed with liver failure, I was in a tech startup job that was the epitome of ‘bro culture’ in Austin, and was confused about my purpose here.

Then my life got turned upside down. My mom was critically getting worse so I went to take care of her driving all the way from Austin, TX to Waterloo, IA when she passed away a few hours before I got there. Finding her was the worst memory of my life. But what happened after changed me. After getting her finances settled and taking care of her memorial I returned to Austin, completely beside myself, and quit that terrible job. I had been planning on interviewing to be a teacher but had to postpone my interview due to her death. Thankfully, LASA was kind enough to reschedule and hired me as the Yearbook Adviser and Ezine teacher. Since then, I had learned so much about taking care and loving yourself, budgeting, helping others grow their passions, understanding the teenage brain, goal-setting, running a business, and believing in yourself.

Now, I am looking forward to begin my third year teaching at LASA, buying my first home this summer 2020, and continue growing and adapting curriculum to our changing world.


After much deliberation, I choose to attend Baylor University in Waco, TX from 2012-2016. My freshman year I was in the Leadership LLC program working in various volunteer programs from Habitat for Humanity to visiting nursing homes. I was also accepted in the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core Honors program, an honors track alternative to required courses. I loved my time in the BIC program and miss it all the time. I met my best friend my first day in the BIC and this summer 2020, I will be her maid of honor and photographer at her wedding. Becca and I created the Pursue Mentoring Program working with Indian Springs Middle School girls to provide a listening ear and homework help.


My biggest dream since high school was traveling abroad. I was finally able to make my dreams a reality when I was accepted to go on the Baylor in London FIE program where I took journalism classes abroad and interned at Isango! working as a content writer. Being in London and visiting Rome, Paris, Florence, Dublin and Edinburgh. I did my thesis photography project in London at St. Dunstans-in-the-East:


High School and Childhood:

I love Iowa and miss it all the time, it’s a great place to raise a family. I grew up in various towns and with various stepdads but I will never not appreciate all the hard work my mom put in to make sure I had a good life. Once I got to be in the seventh grade we finally settled in Waterloo, IA and I got a chance to make my dreams a reality. I have always loved theatre and grew up doing improv since I was 4. I then starred in plays across Iowa from children’s shows to community theatre plays. When I was 12 I starred in a local commercial for a retirement home. When I was in high school I continued my love for theatre by participating in school plays and joining Parabola, a traveling improv group. We competed in Minneapolis’ Fringe Festival in 2008 with the play, Don’t U Luv Me, and took third place. We continued to bring the play to schools and community theatres across Iowa. In high school, I also grew my love for journalism and was the features editor for the school newspaper. In 2011, as a sophomore, I realized I wanted to leave and go to college earlier than planned, and working with my school counselor I took enough summer courses to graduate at the end of my junior year. In 2012, I graduated as a valedictorian of Waterloo West High School in my junior year, age 17.